Hi I'm TB....a 47 year old single (for 3 years - not for lack of trying) overweight (according to BMI calculations... and the scales...and old photos and me) childless (not for lack of trying - past not present) professional woman (that sounds a bit wrong as a descriptor - but necessary in the whole background to why the blog)....and a recent puppy owner (will my life ever be the same again). Thanks for joining me in my journey of all the things I hope To be.... and a bit about what I had hoped To be...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back after a big break....

It's been so long....life has been wonderful but busy. I have been away and back. My 3 P holiday was just wonderful...better than I had hoped for...an easy, enjoyable holiday...will write more soon. Ut I have now been home for close to 2 months, doesn't time fly....and unfortunately it hasn't all been about fun either....mostly it's because of busyness ... Work primarily....new boss, new projects...but very little time for me....for blogging...for me

And then there's Leo....my puppy. 2 knee constructions ..... Stay tuned

Friday, March 18, 2011

Dining Delight

Last night I had one of my favourite dining experiences...it actually felt like being on the set of My Kitchen Rules...so where was I...Sayers in Leederville. Thursday nights in summer they open for dinner - 5 courses....plates to share, for $55 per head including BYO...and the food...a taste sensation.

To start...out came yummy bread with olive oil and balsamic for dipping and a bowl of olives - not one of the five plates...now you don't get to choose, but they do ask you to let them know if you have any allergies, dislikes etc...so no pork for me.

First up was beef carpaccio...delicious, followed by squid and fish tempura....divine, gnocchi....gorgeous (almost as good as my mums), hazelnut, fetta and herb quiche ....yummy but the look of the pork rolls coming past almost made me want to try to eat pork....and then ta da....a lemon slice with icecream and a little chocolate flower....pretty to look at and a perfect end to a delightful meal.

I have only had great food and great coffee at Sayers! Whether it be breakfast, lunch ... and now dinner. Sayers you should be congratulated!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Less than 4 weeks to go...

And to be honest...don't know about how many kilos...I haven't gotten on the scales. I don't think that it is more...but I have a feeling that it isn't less. Ahhhh, it just ain't happening at the moment...

Had a great experience this week...the Weight Watchers group at work asked me to talk to them about the talk that I went to a couple of weeks back....it was great to share information...great to talk about my story...and to acknowledge the role weight has played in my life. Talking about how, like for many young women, I was at a weight that was most likely just right for my height...but because I was tall and of a larger build started dieting...and the battle began, and has continued.....and like for many others it is bigger, because now there is extra weight to lose, and this weight is over and above what I should weigh....

But I have made some good food choices this week...more conscious eating...even being conscious that I was eating something that was not the best...or wisest choice, but at least I actually made a decision.

I will weigh myself this week, but feeling generally ok ...but not ready to hop on the scales, what does that tell me!

Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 weeks to go....and 5 kilos too

So it is only 5 weeks to the three P trip....and it is fast approaching. The trip is just about organised, flight to Paris booked - check - Paris hotel, transfers and tours booked - check - travel to Pucisce booked and organised -check - then a gap in the organisation....and then the tour booked Prague, Vienna and Budapest booked - check....so a few things to do...but I am getting there (even bought new boots today - and then worked out that I only have 2 pays pre trip...now that is scary!)

But the other thing that I would like to do is to drop 5 kilos before going away! Looked through some photos the other night and it reminded me that I am carry extra weight ...and I don't like it - and I really don't like the way that I look with it...so, time for action....so a kilo a week....

So I know a lot about weightloss....I have done it before...and kept it off for years, and then changes in my work, dealing with loss and grief - and felt that my body just loss a sense of itself through all the hormone and IVF treatment...are they my excuses....oh, and now that I am in my mid to late forties...its just harder...

But what I am doing is increasing the alcohol free days...., filling up on more salads, and trying to be more conscious of my consumption....the biscuit that disappears when I am under pressure at work, the mini crunchie that I pop in my mouth at 9.10 am after a tense morning meeting.....

Here is goes....got to give it a go!  Stay tuned....

TB x

Friday, February 18, 2011

The Three P's

Have you ever made a quick decision - that is relatively 'big' but easy? Let me tell you about what has been happening ....and why I have been absent from here for a while.

It all started with a phone call from my brother...basically it went like this: your sister (and family) are going to Europe ... to Brac (island off the coast of Croatia homeland of my parents): I'm going too (with son) and mum has decided she is going (77 years old - having only been back once in 52 years)....are you sure you can't come...have you even thought about coming....how will you feel if you don't....

Well to be honest, I hadn't actually thought about it...I didn't know mum was going....and having Leo in my life (puppy) and having recently renovated the outdoors (savings + more gone) I hadn't planned on having a holiday anywhere this year apart from around Perth...and maybe a quick trip to Bali...but 2 hours later...thinking I could go to Paris and Prague ..... as well as Pucisce (mums and dads and sisters birthplace)...I was in.

Having made this decision it was then about what if I can't have leave from work...then came the really big decision...if they say no I will resign....because you might ask? I have been talking about getting another job for ages...and I look and I apply .... I even go to interviews... I get close and well I'm still in my job - and I thought if I don't have a job... a safety net, maybe this is the push I need....and I do have about 80 days of leave....

So I go to see the CEO...my line manager and tell him the story quickly and he says yes in an instant...so I am going on my 3 P's trip in April....and I'm not resigning (just yet)....but I will think about that some more when I am away..perhaps on the train trip between Prague and Paris...mind you I haven't worked out the details of the trip post Pucisce...I do know that I am taking mum to Paris....now that is exciting!

Paris by ♀Μøỳαл_Bгεлл♂HI AGAIN ALL, I'M BACK

Friday, February 4, 2011

Queensland and Yasi

My heart goes out to all those affected by the recent floods and the more recent effects of Cyclone Yasi...it often feels quite surreal and hard to imagine what it must be like to be a part of these events - what brings them to life for me is the memories of all the places in Queensland that I visited on many trips ... some pleasure, but many for work a number of years ago....so to have spent time in places such as Cairns, Townsville and Brisbane and to have visual memories of some of the places and spaces that have been destroyed or at the least damaged in some way - what must it be like for those of you there living through the crisis points...and having to pick up the pieces - times like this remind me of the strength of the human spirit, and also puts into perspective what is important in life...

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Puppy troubles

I think I mentioned that I have a puppy...Leo. He is absolutely gorgeous...and I love having him in my life - it certainly has brought about a few changes, mostly good - some are great in fact!  And I wouldn't have it any other way - in fact I wish I hadn't waited so long.

However, there have been some challenges along the way. You see when I chose Leo...a spur of the moment decision...had been thinking about getting a puppy and then just went to have a look...and there he was, so cute and docile and he put his head on my foot and looked up...and that was it...he was coming home, I didn't realise that he was very sick...less than 48 hours later we were at the Perth Vet Emergency Hospital .... at 11pm on a Monday night, diagnosis Guardia...with a few other adventures during the night (a story for another day) Leo had an overnight stay at the hospital on a drip, being syringe fed... and a $1000 later...he was on the mend - which meant feeds and checks every 4 hours, so middle of the night... and during the day (lunch time visits). But recover he did.

And then came the fits...so to date we have had 5 seizures (that I know of). They begin with Leo loosing coordination...dropping to one side, getting really glassy eyed and then his legs and tail go stiff and his whole body spasms...I still feel terrified! They last for about 5 to 10 minutes and then he is pretty tired for about 12 to 24 hours....we (the Vets and I) are still hoping that he will grow out of them - his last episode was Tuesday 25 January...when I was able to get him to the Vet for blood tests - so nothing sinister in the results...but just need to record the when and how....so fingers crossed.

He ended up having his op on Friday....so he is recovering well - although getting very frustrated with is Elizabethian collar (the bucket over his head). 

Leo October 2010

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skyshow Australia Day

Happy Australia Day (well for yesterday). I have to say that I just love the Skyshow - something about being part of a big event that makes me go a little mushy...I have to admit that I get a little choked up when we all wave at each other from all vantage points - and expect that I have done so every year (except for the 3 that I have missed - can't believe that this time last year I was in New Zealand, having walked the Milford Track!)

Watched the fireworks from the City side - riverside, in line with the Crowne Plaza. The playlist was quite different this year - gone was 'Celebration' and Yothu Yindi...and in was a range of songs chosen to fit the theme of family, some great music. But what was most impressive was the different fireworks, lots of different colours and effects...lots of red and almost rainbow fluro colours....just gorgeous, in fact at times spectacular - to the point where many in the surrounding crowd (including me) clapped and cheered at a few points other than the big....and it was very big...finale at the end.

It was great to be out on a beautiful Perth evening...surrounded by happy families - made up of different age groups, blends and cultural backgrounds enjoying our beautiful city and the celebration of our wonderful country! Can't wait for next year...thinking I will give Kings Park a go, or possibly South Perth again. Any other suggestions?

Fireworks #1 by Camera Slayer
Thanks to Camera Slayer for the photo

Saturday, January 22, 2011


So here I am .... it's now 2011 and I have begun the year with a list of new New Year resolutions (hopes and dreams) not having acheived the last  (hold on .... I need to change that - not all the list) - and that's normal ...isn't it? Is it?

So who am I - I'm TB....a 47 year old single (for 3 years - not for lack of trying...think that is the problem not the solution) overweight (according to BMI calculations... and the scales...and old photos and me) childless (not for lack of trying - in the past... definitely not in the present...) professional woman (that sounds a bit wrong as a descriptor - but necessary in the whole background to why the blog)....and a recent puppy owner (will my life ever be the same again).

So why this? Why the blog? Mainly it is for me....to reflect on what has been, to capture what is, and to put out there my hopes and dreams keeping a record of the how and why (and a record of my achievements, amendments and memorable moments)....and hopefully get some help along the way!  And just maybe some of my learnings and life lessons might help others (even one other) along the way.... I know that I have been very lucky to have learnt some of my most valueable lessons from the stories of others (thank you especially to all the wise and wonderful people who I know and have known along the way).

So let the journey begin....and I just hope that Leo (my 5 month old puppy) isn't on a journey of his own - first day with dog door....can't wait to get home and find him still there! Yes, on my list is To be .... a great dog owner (mother)!

Photo thanks to Erixs