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Friday, February 18, 2011

The Three P's

Have you ever made a quick decision - that is relatively 'big' but easy? Let me tell you about what has been happening ....and why I have been absent from here for a while.

It all started with a phone call from my brother...basically it went like this: your sister (and family) are going to Europe ... to Brac (island off the coast of Croatia homeland of my parents): I'm going too (with son) and mum has decided she is going (77 years old - having only been back once in 52 years)....are you sure you can't come...have you even thought about coming....how will you feel if you don't....

Well to be honest, I hadn't actually thought about it...I didn't know mum was going....and having Leo in my life (puppy) and having recently renovated the outdoors (savings + more gone) I hadn't planned on having a holiday anywhere this year apart from around Perth...and maybe a quick trip to Bali...but 2 hours later...thinking I could go to Paris and Prague ..... as well as Pucisce (mums and dads and sisters birthplace)...I was in.

Having made this decision it was then about what if I can't have leave from work...then came the really big decision...if they say no I will resign....because you might ask? I have been talking about getting another job for ages...and I look and I apply .... I even go to interviews... I get close and well I'm still in my job - and I thought if I don't have a job... a safety net, maybe this is the push I need....and I do have about 80 days of leave....

So I go to see the CEO...my line manager and tell him the story quickly and he says yes in an instant...so I am going on my 3 P's trip in April....and I'm not resigning (just yet)....but I will think about that some more when I am away..perhaps on the train trip between Prague and Paris...mind you I haven't worked out the details of the trip post Pucisce...I do know that I am taking mum to Paris....now that is exciting!

Paris by ♀Μøỳαл_Bгεлл♂HI AGAIN ALL, I'M BACK

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