Hi I'm TB....a 47 year old single (for 3 years - not for lack of trying) overweight (according to BMI calculations... and the scales...and old photos and me) childless (not for lack of trying - past not present) professional woman (that sounds a bit wrong as a descriptor - but necessary in the whole background to why the blog)....and a recent puppy owner (will my life ever be the same again). Thanks for joining me in my journey of all the things I hope To be.... and a bit about what I had hoped To be...

Monday, July 4, 2011

Back after a big break....

It's been so long....life has been wonderful but busy. I have been away and back. My 3 P holiday was just wonderful...better than I had hoped for...an easy, enjoyable holiday...will write more soon. Ut I have now been home for close to 2 months, doesn't time fly....and unfortunately it hasn't all been about fun either....mostly it's because of busyness ... Work primarily....new boss, new projects...but very little time for me....for blogging...for me

And then there's Leo....my puppy. 2 knee constructions ..... Stay tuned

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  1. Back! I'm looking forward to hearing about the holiday. Glad it was wonderful.
    Do you mean your puppy had two knee reconstructions? Or you? Either way is not good I guess. I will stay tuned!