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Thursday, January 27, 2011

Skyshow Australia Day

Happy Australia Day (well for yesterday). I have to say that I just love the Skyshow - something about being part of a big event that makes me go a little mushy...I have to admit that I get a little choked up when we all wave at each other from all vantage points - and expect that I have done so every year (except for the 3 that I have missed - can't believe that this time last year I was in New Zealand, having walked the Milford Track!)

Watched the fireworks from the City side - riverside, in line with the Crowne Plaza. The playlist was quite different this year - gone was 'Celebration' and Yothu Yindi...and in was a range of songs chosen to fit the theme of family, some great music. But what was most impressive was the different fireworks, lots of different colours and effects...lots of red and almost rainbow fluro colours....just gorgeous, in fact at times spectacular - to the point where many in the surrounding crowd (including me) clapped and cheered at a few points other than the big....and it was very big...finale at the end.

It was great to be out on a beautiful Perth evening...surrounded by happy families - made up of different age groups, blends and cultural backgrounds enjoying our beautiful city and the celebration of our wonderful country! Can't wait for next year...thinking I will give Kings Park a go, or possibly South Perth again. Any other suggestions?

Fireworks #1 by Camera Slayer
Thanks to Camera Slayer for the photo

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