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Thursday, March 3, 2011

5 weeks to go....and 5 kilos too

So it is only 5 weeks to the three P trip....and it is fast approaching. The trip is just about organised, flight to Paris booked - check - Paris hotel, transfers and tours booked - check - travel to Pucisce booked and organised -check - then a gap in the organisation....and then the tour booked Prague, Vienna and Budapest booked - check....so a few things to do...but I am getting there (even bought new boots today - and then worked out that I only have 2 pays pre trip...now that is scary!)

But the other thing that I would like to do is to drop 5 kilos before going away! Looked through some photos the other night and it reminded me that I am carry extra weight ...and I don't like it - and I really don't like the way that I look with it...so, time for action....so a kilo a week....

So I know a lot about weightloss....I have done it before...and kept it off for years, and then changes in my work, dealing with loss and grief - and felt that my body just loss a sense of itself through all the hormone and IVF treatment...are they my excuses....oh, and now that I am in my mid to late forties...its just harder...

But what I am doing is increasing the alcohol free days...., filling up on more salads, and trying to be more conscious of my consumption....the biscuit that disappears when I am under pressure at work, the mini crunchie that I pop in my mouth at 9.10 am after a tense morning meeting.....

Here is goes....got to give it a go!  Stay tuned....

TB x

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  1. HI TB - I feel I am at a mental stand off between my weight and my mind - I think I want to loose weight then sabotage myself immiediatly after I do something postive towards doing just that!

    For exampe :
    go for a walk = more wine for me
    eat a really healthy salad and steamed fish for dinner = dessert on half a chocolate block (yes ...family sized)

    sigh - we can do it ! I have to find the reward that makes me really motivated to do it!
    Today - I am going to find some photos I like to keep hidden and ignore and make sure I use them as a form of 'lets not go there anymore' motivation!

    hang in there - you are looking good and most importantly - fit! Lets do it for our health too! Because we both know we are naturally of the burlesque diva body design anyway!